Around Barr

Grand Cru Kirchberg de Barr

Soil of clay and limestone, the Kirchberg de Barr is without a doubt one of our best terroir. South facing on a steep slope, with a good wind orientation, it allows for perfect grape ripening. Wines made on this hill are broad, long and concentrated. This terroir produces great gastronomy wines with outstanding ageing capacity.

Wines from this terroir: Riesling Kirchberg de Barr, Pinot Noir XXC, Pinot Gris Kirchberg de BarrGewurztraminer Kirchberg de Barr

Lieu-dit Salzhof

Located right above the Grand Cru Kirchberg de Barr, the Salzhof is a superb terroir with a soil of marl and limestone. Covered in scattered stones, it is south facing. Grapes growing on the Salzhof are small, concentrated, which makes a wine with wonderfully richness and precision. All wines have an incredible freshness with fruity aromas, while keeping elegant length and salinity.

Wines from this terroir: Pinot Noir Salzhof, Pinot Gris Salzhof, Le Beurot, Tout Feu Tout Flamme

Lieu-dit Graffengritt

On the hill facing the Kirchberg de Barr on the North side of the Barr valley, the Graffengritt is located right between the villages of Barr and Mittelbergheim. As today’s temperatures are rising, this North facing hill is key to ensure slow and steady development of the grapes. This allows for keeping freshness in Crémant and fruity aromas in aromatic wines like Muscat.

Wines from this terroir: Muscat Uva Apiana, Sylvaner Nature, Crémant Extra Brut Nature (épuisé)

Terroir (noun) : all the land in an area, selected for their agricultural potential and offering one or more specificities to the end product

Around Ribeauvillé

Grand Cru Schoenenbourg

The Schoenenbourg is a prestigious Grand Cru located in Riquewihr. Built in medieval times and surrounded by fortifications, Riquewihr is one of Alsace’s most famous villages. The Schoenenbourg’s soil is made up of marly and gypsum, covered in little silica stones. South facing, on a steep slope, this terroir produces wines with incredible minerality and finesse. Yields are very limited, and the small, well ventilated grapes, give a remarkable power and salinity to the wine.

Wines from this terroir: Riesling Schoenenbourg

Lieu-dit Kronenburg

Right next to the Schoenenbourg, on the small hill offering a magnificent view on the village of  Zellenberg, the Kronenburg is ine of Alsace’s best terroir. Its soil is deep, and its mild slope faces East. The ground is made up of marly and covered in small silica stones. The Kronenburg always produces intense wines of great elegance and finesse.

Wines from this terroir: Riesling Kronenburg, Riesling Kronenburg Vieilles Vignes

Lieu-dit Muhlforst

Located next to the village of Hunawihr, the Muhlforst is known as one of the best Alsacian terroir. Its soil is deep, with a mild East facing slope. The soil is made up of clay and marly, and is covered with small silica and gneiss rocks. Wines made from the Muhlforst grapes are always rich in aromas, as well as long and broad in the mouth. The rich acidity always given by this terroir always make great dry Riesling as well as elegantly balanced Vendanges Tardives (late harvest).

Wines from this terroir: Riesling MuhlforstRiesling Muhlforst Vendanges Tardives